For the lovers of trekking

For the lovers of trekking

If you love trekking, trust us, the choise to have vacations at Pelion will reward you. The paths are countless, traversing gravel paths and cobble streets, planted literally in natural ravising vegitation.

But if you choose to stay at "Karavia Lux inn" you will have the opportunity to enjoy a special path without having to use any transportation.

You must not forgett a luggage: appopriate sneakers, a thin waterproof jacket and a lightweight backpack wiith fresh water.

Also, every Sunday the association of “Friends of the Coble-Stones” organize a free trekking excursions. Check their program (contact tel: 00306945575360,,, and you shall really be enthusiastic about the work of these people and the tour.

There again, if you wish for a mountain guide, kindly contact Mrs. Maria Zafiriou (contact tel: 00306949193152, and you shall be able to learn about the 3.000 herbs which grow in Pilio and which you shall come across during your trekking.